HP 130 bringup problems - help!

Started Mar 5, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Richard K. George Regular Member • Posts: 127
HP 130 bringup problems - help!


I FINALLY got some time to get my HP 130 out of its shipping crate
this afternoon, and....

I followed the directions, and got a paper jam indicator on step
28 - the problem is that there is no paper jam - I've tried feeding it
through the paper tray, the bypass, etc., and all it does is do that
whirring clanking thing and give me a paper jam error...

To make it worse, I tried calling HP tech support, and apparently they
now keep banker's hours so I can't get any help from them until
monday (big ).

I was kind of really hoping to get the beastie up this weekend so I can
see if I need to order custom profiles, so.....

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this problem? (I was using some
"generic" letter sized paper initially for bringup)

This is really anticlimactic - all the canon/epson printers I've bought
before just work right out of the box....

Any suggestions/helpful hints/... would be greatly appreciated



(Richard "maybe I shoulda bot the 4000" George)

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