Staggered by A200 lens quality!

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Re: Staggered by A200 lens quality!

I agree with you. I'm also of the opinion that sharpness should be switched off. I find the in-camera sharpening too harsh. It may give the photos extra "snap" but the effect looks fake to me, and accentuates the noise.

I haven't played around with saturation or contrast yet and I doubt I will. It's easy to make these adjustments later on the computer after all.

Good luck with the camera, it's a fine piece of engineering!

Geoff Chandler wrote:

Really pleased to hear that as I bought one myself today (3rd March)
I will also do some tests and experiment to see which settings I
prefer. So far I like the natural look of the photos, and also the
clarity without resorting to extra sharpening. Magnifying portions
of a photo are very pleasing as the qality is very good.
Do you have any opinions about settings - Sharpnes, Saturation ,
Contrast etc??

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