Sigma 70-300 gold ring?

Started Mar 2, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Glad to hear it

It's a good lens, and you should be happy with it. To make sure it doesn't need rechipping, just take a shot with the lens stopped down (like f/16) - if you don't get an error99 then you are clear. Even if it needs to be rechipped, it should be free, so I'd say you got a great deal.

Enjoy it!

KyTom wrote:

Gotta tell you my experience......I am a newcomer. I have the kit
lens. I bought a 50mm 1.8, so, I wanted a cheap longer range lens.
I wanted to play around with it, get a feel for it, ...etc. Well,
found a Sigma 70-300 APO Macro on ebay, with lens caps, hood and a
Tiffen UV filter. It is a gold ring. Well, I won the auction,
then I worried about it working correctly. The lens arrived
yesterday...........It works GREAT!! Only 2 things, you MUST be
all the way to 300 for the macro to work and it works better if you
manual focus. The pics look MUCH better than I expected,
especially the macro shots. Oh, by the way, since the seller
wasn't sure if it would work with a digital, I only paid $85.00.
If it doesn't fall apart tomorrow......I believe I got a good
starter lens......

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