A200 Low Light & Indoor Shooting

Started Feb 26, 2005 | Discussions thread
Manuel Richart Forum Member • Posts: 92
Re: A200 Low Light & Indoor Shooting

Jim Last wrote:

Just a quick question,

As the A200 has no AF Lamp, how does it function for use in low
light and indoor shooting.

Looking for use for:

Indoor shots of churches and other historic buildings
Indoor family and social shots
Outdoor dusk and evening shots

Are there any focusing issues caused?

Also can anyone shed some light (no pun intended) on whether the
Minolta flashes will operate their AF Lamps with the A200.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Jim, I'm sorry but I guess I didn'd append a recent post correctlly to this post of yours. In the meantime I decided to post again under anew thread name: "A200 evening posts". Regards. Manuel.

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