strobe setups--Alien Bees vs Bowen Travelites

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strobe setups--Alien Bees vs Bowen Travelites

Oi, I am having a hard time deciding between these two setups and was hoping I might be able to get some information from people who have used both.

I have used the travelites and they are excellent. However, of course, they are more expensive than the ABs. I've not used them and though I have been impressed with what output I've seen here on DPR, I wonder if they are "as good" as the travelites.

Calumet is having a sale on the travelites right now, and really, I am having a hard time deciding whether or not they are worth the extra money. Consumables are considerably more expensive, not to mention the initial cost. However, of course, I don't want to regret having not gotten something powerful enough.

One of the things that stands out immediately as better with the travelites is the 275w modeling lamps.

Also, from what I understand, comparing w/s to w/s is not an effective gauge of how "powerful" the flash is, so that is yet another reason I am hoping someone might be able to help.

I am considering buying a pair of travelite 750 or the (most) equivalent ABs. (Which I have no idea would be, as I am not sure how to compare w/s with these 2 units.)

Primary use: product photography, with an occasional headshot possibly.

Please help!



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