Canon D30 SLR owner buys A200 - initial impressions

Started Mar 1, 2005 | Discussions thread
Big Squeeze Regular Member • Posts: 137
Re: Canon D30 SLR owner buys A200 - initial impressions


Congrats on your recent purchase. It is interesting that more and more people are discovering that the A200 is a serious camera with much potential if they are willing to invest the time to understand it's many features and capabilities. I find most of the compliants come from users that are not taking the time to really know the camera.

I too had to adjust from optical view to EVF and althought it was an adjustment that took a little time i do find advantages as well. I like the fact that i can immediatley see the results in the EFV after the shot. In the portriat business this really helps identify problems as they happen.

Thanks for your post. show us some pic's soon.


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