350 external flash jack?

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Re: Because it's $900, not $1400 (n/t)

then why not adding a 10MP sensor, it's not much more expensive as the current one. oh and thrown in a better shutter, more FPS, more buffer.

they had to draw a line, they cut the thing down to the price it has, and PC socket didn't make it.

Henderpete wrote:
Oh, golly! Why didn't I think of that. C'mon, Pal . . . How much
would it cost to add a little socket?

xder345 wrote:

Henderpete wrote:

I don't need it for studio lighting. I like to use bounce flash
from the ceiling and my old Vivitar unit only swivels up which is
fine when shooting in a landscape orientation, but when shooting in
portrait I have to hold the flash in my hand to get it to point up
as the flash doesn't swivel left/right. Sure, I have the adapter,
but I don't think I should have to use it with a great camera like
the 350. The 20D has a socket, why not the 350?

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