To crop or not to crop

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OK I get the point ;-)

OK so at first I thought the frame within a frame really was a cool composition - but it does seem to be more of a distraction from the subject the more I look at it.

Only a couple of people said they liked the uncropped - but I think almost everyone voted for the crop.

The bird and the colors really are enough in this case - so I get your point to CROP the enlargement I intend to make. This is a "Snowy Egret" by the way. Taken with Tamron 28-300 with Polarizer @ 300mm (this lens is wonderful, except in low light - the max ap at 300 is 6.3). Dont let anyone tell you it is not sharp

Thanks everyone for your help!!

klickitatdave wrote:
Shutterbugin wrote:
The uncropped areas in the original are distracting and draw the
focus of the viewer away from the primary subject. I vote go with
the crop.

Advice needed!

I really like the frame-within-a-frame in the original image (#1),
but I also like the simplicity and color in the cropped image (#2).

I was thinking of getting an enlargement of this, and Id like to
take a poll from you folks - To crop or not to crop?

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