Dalifer Lite software as a free gift for you

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Dalifer Lite software as a free gift for you

we have decided to create a new version of our Dalifer software.
It is called Dalifer Lite and we think that some of you might
benefit from this version.

What can this software do for you:

  • it can display large thumbnails of your JPEG, MRW, DNG and many other files

and it is very fast and higher quality then Windows Explorer provides.

  • you can adjust the size of the thumbnails displayed

  • it can display the MakerNote information, which contains much more useful

information than normal EXIF (AntiShake on/off, lens used, saturation, contrast, real ISO, ...)

  • it can autorotate your images taken with Dynax/Maxxum 7D in vertical orientation

  • it can rotate your jpeg images in really lossless way

(it does preserve all the embedded information, including MakerNote)

  • and many many others ...

What's the limitation of Dalifer Lite vs full version of Dalifer

  • There is absolutely no user support for Dalifer Lite

If you want us to help you or answer your questions, then you have
to purchase the full version first.

  • Full version can display where the camera was focused on

  • Full version can insert the EXIF including the MakerNote back into JPEG files

processed by image editing application which does remove or corrupt this information

  • Full version can extract ICC profiles from JPEGs, TIFF and PSDs

  • Full version can extract XMP packets

You can download this software for free from http://www.dalibor.cz/files/DaliferLite.zip

If you like this product and you want to support us in further development of it
then please purchase the full version of Dalifer for 20 USD using this link:

We would like to hear your comments and your ideas for future functions.
You can send them to [email protected]

Dalibor & Lubor

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