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Re: Dust

When I looked through the viewfinder, I also saw some kind of dust.
But this "bigger" dust was not on the mirror and not on viewfinder.

It was on something like a transparent plastic, which you can see above the mirror. There are also the autofocus fields visible, if you have a closer look on it.
I touched it very carefully with a dry cotton wool stick.
Now, there is only a very small nearly transparent blot visible.

I think it is ok, when you touch the mirror or the transparent plastic carefully with a cotton wool stick, as long as you don't touch the sensor with it.
Some blowing wind was not sufficient when have I tried it.

What's also strange is, that you can see the texture of this transparent platic, if you look through the viewfinder to a very smooth white area (e.g. snow) without any lense mounted.

First I thought that there is some kind of dirt from smoke or something like that.

You don't know where your 20D has been, as Canon don't seal their boxes before dispatch.

But I was happy when I discovered that it was only the texture of the transparent plastic.

Nevertheless, there are some tiny dust particles around the mirror, at least it doesn't look as clean as in the middle of the mirror. But this has no effect on the pictures. I tried to remove this also with a cotton wool stick, but it was not possible to remove it by touching it with very little pressure.

jason otto wrote:

I just got my 20D yesterday.

I'm loving all the features on this camera.
Athough I bought the 18-55mm lens kit. I'll be upgrading to a
better lens soon.

I've notced dust specs viewing through the view finder.
I don't think the mirror has any dust on it as the pictures aren't
showing any specks of dust.

What shoud I do to remove this?

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