Need bag for D70 + Laptop + 70-200 for Airline Travel - CompuTrekker?

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Re: Need bag for D70 + Laptop + 70-200 for Airline Travel - CompuTrekker?

Ed, hope you enjoy your new bag. I'm extremely happy with mine.

Regarding the Domke inserts: I use the FA211 1 compartment large (5x6x8h) and two FA 280 1 compartment minis (3x4x8h) on either side. Got them at B&H. They pretty much fill up the inside of the bag from end to end, but the bag is taller than they are so there's room on top for a few extras.

To give added support to my camera body, I sewed some velcro into the bag above the center Domke insert, and attached extra removable inserts from older camera bags (you know, the flat sections that you can move around and change the size of your bag sections - we all seem to have some of these around, and my local camera store has so many extras that they give them away). These are placed horizontally from the from to the back of the bag with space for the lens to slide down inbetween. They hold the camera in place, holding the camera body weight rather than everything pressing down on the the front of the lens. Before I jury rigged this solution, I considered getting a Lowepro S&F Lens Case size 4 (4.5x10). This will work and will hold the camera body well, but you will have to fold back the lid, and this lens case will take up more room in the bag. However, you will then have a nice lens case for carrying a large lens separately:-)

Hope this helps, Diane

Ed wrote:
I have a Timbuk2 messenger bag and agree they are well made. Now I
will have the Detour too thanks to you.

Which Domke inserts did you use, and where did your order them? I
have browsed them at BH, but none seemed long enough for a 70-200

bijouxandbeads wrote:

I recently got a Timbuk2 messenger bag on sale at Sierra Trading
Post. They had two styles of big bags available as of a week ago.
I've added Domke inserts for the main compartment, and the laptop
compartment is very well padded. My 12" screen laptop fits in with
room to spare, but I don't know if anything bigger than 14-15"
would work.

I can vertically carry the D70 w/an attached 70-200 plus a TC-E17
in a larger Domke insert in the middle of the bag, plus I have two
mini inserts on either side for one to two additional (smaller)
lenses and my SB800. An extra battery, CF cards, etc. go into the
pen/misc. section under the flap.

They have a strong rubber bottom and a breathable backside. The one
I got has a shoulder strap, and also hidden backpack straps. It
doesn't look like a camera bag (since it isn't), and appears to be
extremely well made. Plus, they're on sale!

Diane M.

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