50 1.8 Backfocus...?!

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Re: Been there...

Yes, that's right. When I compare the results from the 50mm/1.8 and the results from the 50mm/1.4, the 50mm/1.4 is much better.

I'm happy with it. Waiting now for a successor of the 20D

DIGIC wrote:

It's expected at these wide appertures with a lens that is not that
accurate on AF...

You'll get a much precise AF control with a USM/FTM lens like the
50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8 and others.

Anyhow, with a 300D/10D/20D series camera, don't expect 100%
accuracy from AF at these shallow DOFs.

One other thing to consider it that the 300D/10D (don't know about
20D), at least with the 50mm f1.8, when used indoor, causes much
more inaccuracy on AF compared to when used outdoor. Try it outdoor.

My $0,02!

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