Interesting lawsuit.

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Re: Interesting lawsuit - correction

The word has roots in French and then back to Italian as an interesting starting point. Quite an evolved word, actually.

English, of course, as a dynamic language allows for development of words and a currently well accepted definition of the word includes, "A small modular unit designed to be inserted into a larger piece of equipment", which fits the description of a container of ink inserted into an inkjet printer, regardless of the presence or otherwise of a print head on said container.

It is not the presence of a print head, (a term that itself would be well served with more precise definition), in and of itself that determines whether an object can or can not be referred to as a cartridge.

phils wrote:
But the original definition of the word

'cartridge' was in reference to the combination of a projectile and
propellent in a single integrated package. This definition fits
that of a combined ink supply and printhead. Sorry, I was just
trying to be specific with my use of the English language :-).

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