Q image page size discrepency.

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Re: Q image page size discrepency THANK YOU!!

Mike Chaney wrote:

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While waiting I tried to change some things. I went back to
2200 Porperties and unclicked "center" and brought Q up and no

There's your problem. Qimage remembers the driver settings you
last made in Qimage . While you are in Qimage, just click "File",
"Printer Setup" or click the printer-with-wrench icon on the top.
Then set all your driver settings as you would like them, being
sure to select the type of paper, size, 2880 PPI, "finest details",
etc. Once you set them, Qimage will remember them. There is no
need to go into the printer properties in Windows.

Remember that the only way to get an 8x10 centered on the page is
to select "minimize margins" from the Qimage printer setup dialog.

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And that is why people speak so highly of Q Image and Yourself.

I haven't done what you said above but will in the future and things will be more consistent. There is such a difference in print quality.

Where is there a discussion on the fine points between Pyramid and Vector Interpolation. Since I am willing to wait for the longer print times, I am presently using Pyramid, but doing that because it Seems it might be better. Also, what do people say about the difference between printing 1440 and 2880 dpi I am doing the latter for what SEEMS better quality, but is there a place for 1440 ?

Things are finally coming together. Now to deal with RAW processing....

Thanks again!

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