Sigma 50-500

Started Jan 30, 2005 | Discussions thread
Rocky II Senior Member • Posts: 1,769

the Bigma is great at the shorter mm. Here are 2 that I shot yesterday. This first one is at 50mm.

This was at 64mm. Just thought I would throw this one in, too.


Vernon D Rainwater wrote:


i had my 20D a few weeks..have been using kit lens..17-40L..28-135
excellent performance with these lenses..but i am thinking of
getting a sigma 50-500..(bigma)..any body here any experience of
this lens..cheers.

One of the posts indicated the "Bigma" has some problems with the
closer end of the lens (50 and some above).
What generally is the problem. Any example images to illustrate this.
I don't have the Bigma but am interested in this lens.
Would appreciate any helpful information....

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