50mm 1.8 front focus problems

Started Nov 4, 2003 | Discussions thread
Joe11 Regular Member • Posts: 184
Exchanged 50mm/1.8 for 50mm/1.4

If I compare these 2 lenses, the 50mm/1.4

  • looks sharper (in my opinion)

  • hits the focus well (much better than the 1.8 does)

  • has more contrast

I like this lense, altough it's much more expensive than the 1.8 and I only have seen the pictures yet on the 20D-screen.
Maybe I will post some pictures soon.

Joe11 wrote:
I have the same problem with my 50mm/f1.8.

Front focusing up to 14 mm on a test chart.

Although I had exchanged the whole kit (20D body + 17-85 lense), I
still have the front focusing problem with the 50mm/f1.8 lense. So
I guess it's not the body.

People who sent the lense itself to Canon service, was the focus ok

Darrell McCombs wrote:


I had one of hte lenses and it had the same problem as yours. I
sent it in for Service under the warantee. 2 Months later, it came
back repaired.

If you bought the lens with the intent of waiting 2 months before
you can use it it is a good deal. Yeah Canon Service.... NOT!!!

Sorry, I consider 2 months for a warantee repair intolerable.
Canon would find it equally intolerable if we were to use their
lenses for two months before buying it.

Darrell McCombs

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