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twin macro flash better?

That's an interesting observation. So you're saying you prefer the twin flash for macros rather than the ring flash? When you say better for modelling light, do you mean that it looks more natural (because light coming down from overhead tends to look more natural to us)?

Klipsen wrote:
Hi, John

I originally bought the ring flash because I thought the twin flash
looked a bit flimsy. However, after I bought that one as well
(without the controller which it shares with the ring flash) I have
found that it certainly isn't very sturdy (the diffusers in
particular), but also that it is much better for modelling light in
manual (1/1 - 1/64 on either flash). Also, with the ring flash it's
diffucult to avoid harsh shadows and highlights, much less so with
the twin. I, too, have used different home-made solutions, but it's
not really the same.

John down under wrote:


I used my A1's flash for many of my macros with a simple homemade
diffuser and it worked out well enough for most situations. With
the 7D, I'm planning to get a macro ring flash for even better
results. I originally thought I would get Minolta's macro ring
flash 1200 + controller. However, the 1200 does not support high
speed sync, so with the 7D you are stuck with 1/125 or 1/160 sec as
the fastest shutter speed, depending on whether AS is on or off. I
noticed that Sigma is planning to produce the EM 140 DG ring flash
macro that supports high speed sync and will be compatible with
MA-ADI. I hope the compatibility extends to the 7D. I'm waiting to
see what happens with that flash as high speed sync is MUCH better
than lack of HSS. With my A1, I routinely used shutter speeds of
1/500 to 1/1000 sec with macros to virtually eliminate concerns
about subject or camera movement.

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