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PaulyOly wrote:

It's just the 20d shot is upsampled in camera from 2mp to 8mp, so
really the 20d is upsampled big time, right?

No. We're talking about spatial upsampling which mainly depends on luminocity information, which, in turn, mainly delivered by green channel. So the luminocity resolution for 20D is at least 4 mp.
20d is "upsampled" color-wise, not spatial resolution-wise.

There is always a chance for 20D to get two distinct luminocity pixels where SD10 could get only one by all means.

What's your opinion on the Baileys name being whiter on the 20d
image? I noticed it a little on the box in the left of the frame.

I don't remember. Need to check the bottle, but I don't think there is some irrecoverable problem.

I also noticed during all this pixel peeping that the 20d shot is
overall brighter than the sigma shot, is this the lens difference
or somehow the flash?

The flash. I used Elinchrom 500 bounced from ceiling.

I first shot 20D, keeping the histogram just near the right edge, then I shot SD10, using the same flash power, but its image happened to be significantly overexposed. So I decreased the flash power and maybe too much. In RAW convertor I just didn't notice the brightness difference as I developed the shots one by one without comparing.

There are a few little color differences
here and there, did you notice the second hand on the watch is red
in the 20d shot, but almost without color in the sigma shot.

That depends of processing (see SPP vs. ACR) and other factors. Better try it yourself with RAW files.

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