Other ways to trigger the D70?

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Re: Other ways to trigger the D70?/wired remotes

David Lal wrote:

and also used an infrared TV remote control to fire the camera. In
principle it would be possible to solder two fine leads to the
switch contacts inside the TV remote control and use that in some
kind of animal trigger but the D70 only 'listens' for a remote
control signal for a maximum of 15 minutes (another weakness).

This is what i did, thuo there is more to then just soldering leads to the contacts. You have to drill SMALL holes in the back side of the board in to the traces. Then to get the solder to stick you have to scrap off the coating that covers it. Then i ran it to a female connector on the back of the remote. For a cord and release i used a old Olys one that went to my OM-1 motor drive. I put a male and female connector on the end of a 50 ft specker wire for more lenght. That way i can later this summer make a contact plate that will jack in for a bating station. I added velco to it so it can be on the tri piod. I do have to put some tin fiol over the top of the sensor to bonce the beam in to it.

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