buy 7630 or 7590?

Started Feb 18, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: buy 7630 or 7590?

The 7590 has solved all my red-eye problems...a biggie in my house. The flash sits above the camera as opposed to being flush on the face of the camera like the 7630. My son has light eyes and always looked like the devil....not anymore!!

lakuster wrote:

Hello folks,
I need your valuable input. Both of these cameras are being
offered at incredible prices at B&H Photo. (7630: $299; 7590:
$385-includes the Kodak rebate on this camera).
My question is this: performance-wise, which to buy? I take
mainly family photos, occasionally landscapes. I am looking for a
camera which will provide good indoor photos with as little red-eye
as possible. I see that both cameras are very popular, so I would
appreciate hearing your experience using either. Thanks so much
Lois Kuster

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