[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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I sharpened your jpegs........

People here are going to see what they want to see no matter what, but I figured I'd sharpen your jpgs and post it anyway. Unfortunately I can't download the raw photos due to my slow dialup so I had to go with your processing. I also don't do much raw processing anyway.


I cropped the middle from each image and merged them, then sharpened the combined image using a two layer process.

My conclusion is simple, the image quality is very similar, the sigma shot shows much more sharpening halos, the 20d shot could have taken even more sharpening. There are a few edges in the sigma shot that are jagged that are not jagged in the 20d shot, i'm sure some expert will explain this (sigmasd9?). The sigma seems to have more contrast, i doubt this is the lens since sigmasd9 seems to praise the canon so highly so it's either the sensor or raw processing settings. Something I find strange is the difference in the white sheet, the strands or texture looks larger in the sigma shot, is this from upsampling?

Things you can't see in this test are the iso performance of the canon, the great buffer and 5fps (which is just plain fun, but unecessary for most shots.) I see no advantage for the sigma in this test.

I'd like to see both shot with the sigma lens or canon, but of course I don't expect you to go out and buy a lens. I appreciate the comparison, it was interesting.

Narrow depth of field ahead
Use extreme caution


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