Epson Stylus R1800 advice needed.

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Re: Epson Stylus R1800 advice needed.

I'll primarily be using the printer for portfolio/presentation/mock-up purposes. I have a separate printer for straight text purposes.

danielsan wrote:
You can get pretty good color lasers for about $500 now or maybe
even less. They are a little more expensive to run than higher end
models but still cheaper than inkjets. However, color lasers are
only good for text, brochures, etc not photos.

McAllister wrote:

Hello, I know info regarding this printer is still fleeting as it's
not out yet, but I was hoping someone would have the info I need.
I'm a graphic design student 2 months away from graduation, and I'm
looking for a wide format printer. Ideally, I'd love to get a
colour laser, but that's too far out of my price range.

I have an R800 - the R1800's little brother). I tried text on it.
Its pretty good but with the running costs it doesnt make much
sense to use it as a text printer. If you are doing a fair bit of
text it makes most economic sense to have a printer for text and a
printer for photos. Of course, the upfront costs are more but over
time you come out ahead. If you dont color for the text part get a
cheap monochrome laser(about $100 or so).

The R1800 meets my price and media requirements, but I'm aware it's
being billed as a photo printer. Will it be able to handle text as
well as it does with photos, or should I be looking elsewhere?

Thanks in advance.

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