Epson Stylus R1800 advice needed.

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Re: Epson Stylus R1800 advice needed.

Thanks. I should have clarified a bit more about what I'll be using it for. I'll be freelancing mostly (so anything is a possibility), but I'll be focusing on corporate identity and communications.

This is good news, I think I found my printer!

mjbauer wrote:

McAllister wrote:

Hello, I know info regarding this printer is still fleeting as it's
not out yet, but I was hoping someone would have the info I need.
I'm a graphic design student 2 months away from graduation, and I'm
looking for a wide format printer. Ideally, I'd love to get a
colour laser, but that's too far out of my price range.

The R1800 meets my price and media requirements, but I'm aware it's
being billed as a photo printer. Will it be able to handle text as
well as it does with photos, or should I be looking elsewhere?

Thanks in advance.

Almost all photo printers can do text, often very well. To a
computer, a photo is really just a graphic image. You don't say
what your percentage of graphics vs. text is expected to be? Ae you
going to be doing layout? If so, an Epson R1800 will do fine. Read
reviews of the R800 for some insights. Check out Vincents site for a good r800 review
Mike Bauer

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