A2: Lost detail in grass

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Re: Settings

I find the best safe settings for exposure with bright clouds or other objects in the frame is to use -.5 to.-7 underexposure and shoot in RAW. Even if you still blow out some highlights you can usually recover at least 1/2 stop in the highlights with most RAW converters.


Victor Bos wrote:

Thanks for all answers. They help a lot to make me understand what
is happening here.
Many people ask for the settings, so here they are:
ISO100, Lens @ 28mm, f/5.6, 1/100s, jpeg extra-fine.
Matrix metering, exposure compensation -1.0. The latter is what I
think causes the noise in the shadows. Instead of exposing to the
right, I exposed 'safe' not to blow out the sky.
I did (a lot) more tests, including metering on the landscape and
raw, and could get better results, although I am convinced that
photos like this are very difficult for the A2.
Luckily I am not really a landscape-photographer, I am more into
closeup and macro, but I do want to be able to take the occasiobale
landscape. I am sure that is possible with my A2, but I will need
to take the time to get exposure right, and/or set up my tripod and
take two or more photos to combine afterwards. That is the real
difficulty because I am an impatient guy


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