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Juri D wrote:

It's really simple. Let's say your printer's native resolution is
600 dpi (as in HP inkjets). You are printing 10x15. This means that
the printer will upsize whatever you send to it to 6000x9000
pixels. It does mean different upsizing factors for SD10 (4x) and
20D (2.5x). That's what I am simulating.

You are on a good track, but forgot about colour separation. Printer driver first have to do a colour separation, e.g. CMYK, because printer can print only different intensity of colours from its cartidges. Stated resolution (e.g. 600 dpi) is describing the resolution of those primary colour dots, not fully coloured pixels. Therefore is dpi of Ink jets a bit missleading.
Better would be to use lpi (lines per inch), which is for professional printers.

But, you're right, image will be rescaled upwards to printers native resoution.

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