[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Re: Experiment - And then you juri D

Jafalt wrote:

Lets said that there is a Sigma SD10b camera only producing the
3024*4536 interpoled tiff images on the flash card.

How would then compare this image to a 20D (already out of camera)
Canon-interpolated 8mb image In your test? Resize the Canon to the
double of the interpolated Sigma size?

actual Sigma by the software deliveres two format 1) this
Sigma-interpolated 3024*4536 and 2) the non-interpolated ultra
sharp 2268*1512

Interpolating 20D to 13.5MP seems natural here. By the way I find interpolation useful on two counts: (1) some flaws cannot be visible at 100%, and interpolation blows them up, and (2) because usually print is the final destination for an image, it is useful to see images how the printer sees them: namely, the printer interpolates whatever comes its way to its native resolution [see discussions on interpolation and , especially, Qimage on Printer Forum].

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