[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Adopting existing terminolgy

Jafalt wrote:

The new comming polaroid foveon do not (as fare as I have heard)
set the ultrasharp as the primary format but let the interpolated
format be default. That is also why they claime it is 4.5 pixel
(and not 1.5 ultrasharp), Canon would do the same.

It's great to see people understanding this issue. I suggest we use the terms "optical" and "interpolated" resolutions in the same way as the scanner industry, whose buyers all intuitively undersood this issue virtually instantly back in the 90s when this same issue came up.

Optical Resolution = Device has a dedicated RGB-triple for every recorded pixel
Interpolated Resolution = Any number of recorded pixels more than optical.

So for example...
SD9 = 3.4MP-optical; 10.3MP-interpolated
1DMKII = 2.1MP-optical; 8.4MP-interpolated

The interpolated number could, of course, be anything, so I suggest we stick with Foveon's philosphy of using the common Bayer standard of listing 1 recorded pixel per 1 sensor (all except Fuji who often advertise MPs at 2 recorded pixels per 1 sensor).

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