[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Re: What are you on about?

Juri I believe your test is flawed from the outset!

Why the heck you have enlarged both shots to 13.5mp and then go on about printers doing that anyway, I have no idea....but thats hardly going to give a fair comparison.

Why?...Because you have enlarged the SD10 shot about 4x but the 20D shot has only been enlarged less than 1.7x!!!!....Hardly fair, is it!!!

As you are not a SD10 or 20D owner you are probably unfamiliar with SPP (Sigma Photo Pro), Sigma's RAW file processing software.
If you can find the old version of SPP, SPP2.0, then download it FREE from

Sigma's website, open the X3f file, play around with it and then save it as a double size Tiff or Jpg.
The new version, SPP2.1, is a whole lot bigger download, at about 60mb.
Now convert the 20D file to the same dimensions and compare them.



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