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Re: Canon 20D vs Sigma SD10: Resolution analysis

Sorry, I will not be able to see the pictures until 24th Feb, as I'm over the very slow and money-wasting gprs connection.

What I can recall from the sample:

Look at the star circle (europe symbol) at the tesla box - next to Energy word. Sigma sees the stars as simply blurred dots. There isn't enough resolution. But so does Canon. Same blurred dots instead of stars. Look at the "23" near the nose of statue. Sigma has an advantage there.

Canon resolves white sheet better, mainly because it is white (easy for Bayer). Sigma also manages to see threads in the sheet, but not that good. In other parts of the sample I haven't found any significant advantages of one or another.

We can see well that processing plays big role. Maybe we should divide into Canon and Sigma groups and start a contest. Canon group does the best it can do for Canon shot, and Sigma group for Sigma. After that we can finally compare those shots, optimally processed by both groups.

On the other hand, every one can make his/her own conclusion by downloading and processing raw files. I am fully aware that conclusions will be widely different, and it's ok. Foveon has its resolution advantages, Bayer has its resolution flaws, but everything has the limits. There are limits for advantages, as there are limits for flaws. Beside that, different people process files differently and used to like some specific processing results. Each one has his/her own sense of quality.

My own conclusion is that 3.5 mp Foveon achieves at least 95% resolution of 8 mp Bayer - in other words, the difference can be seen only at 100% and in certain areas/patterns. In other certain areas/patterns, Foveon even has the advantage. For practical purposes that is more than enough for me, and if we remember when SD9 was released, we can tell that sub-$2000 8mp DSLR era was started long ago by Sigma & Foveon...

And I am not talking about prints yet. They should be different matter, as many people notice their distinctive quality. I've done only one A3 print from my SD10, I liked it alot, but I never compared to 8mp prints from Bayer cameras.

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