[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Juri D Regular Member • Posts: 428
Re: Canon 20D vs Sigma SD10: Resolution analysis

Jafalt wrote:

quote Gary Mercer:
"Finally after I was happy with the "final piece" I
enlarged the photograph to the size I wanted using the
bilinear enlargement setting. I've tried bicubic, next
neighbor and bicubic sharper and smoother, but find
with digital prints from the SD9--you get a sharper
enlargement using bilinear setting"

bilinear is usually considered next to worst [after nearest neighbor]. I usually use Vector [from Qimage] or Lanczos [Irfanview] for printing. But they may introduce artefacts, especially if there is noise in the picture. As my intention was studying image details and not upsizing artefacts, I chose a more conservative Bicubic smoother.

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