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Re: Canon 20D vs Sigma SD10: Resolution analysis

will this makes any difference


quote Gary Mercer:
"Finally after I was happy with the "final piece" I
enlarged the photograph to the size I wanted using the
bilinear enlargement setting. I've tried bicubic, next
neighbor and bicubic sharper and smoother, but find
with digital prints from the SD9--you get a sharper
enlargement using bilinear setting"

Juri D wrote:

Thank you dr.noise for your excellent side-by-side comparison. I
took a slightly different approach to comparisng those two images.

First, I resized both to be 13.5MP with Bicubic smoother [any
printer would do a similar thing, i.e. resizing to its native
resolution, usually 600-720dpi for inkjet, something else for dye]
in 16-bit. Then I tried to make detail visible as much as possible
without introducing too much of sharpening artefacts. Sharpening
was not excessive, around 0.5 radius for 20D and 0.8 for SD10.
[SD10 took more sharpening because it was resized more].

The reslults are presented below. 20D seems to show quite a bit
more detail than SD10, although, of course, the difference is less
than the ratio 8.2/3.4 would suggest. The extra detail is visible
especially in cloth in Picture 1, inscription on the watch, label
in Pic. 2. What surprised me, however, was color shift in SD 10:
see the upper part of watch meeting the belt, for example, and in
other edges of the metal ring on the watch face.

CANON pic.1

SIGMA pic.1

CANON pic.2

SIGMA pic.2

CANON pic.3

SIGMA pic.3

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