[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Re: Lenses

SigmaSD9 wrote:

dr.noise wrote:

I am just noting it by the way, this is not the subject of my test
right now. I wanted to note it specially for eliminating any
"yellow cast" suspicions for SD10.

My point is that its not the SD10 that is making the pic more
yellow, it's the lens. You see the same difference in color
presentation in the viewfinders.

Well, but the custom white balance (shot through the same yellowish lens) should take perfect care of that, shouldn't it? I mean, he did white balance with that lens. The sensor got slightly yellowish light, and the white balance calculation took that into account! Therefore, the image out of SPP had correct color. It doesn't matter wether it is the lens glass or the room light that have a color cast, the custom WB fixes it in either case.

Helge Hafting

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