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CO and 20d colors.

CO is not very good at accurate primary colors with 20d. ACR is much better.

Shots like these really show this up. You should do a competent exposure with ACR and compare if you are interested.

You must competently sharpen nearly all 20d shots to properly evaluate detail, if only to just compensate for Bayer sensor.

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dr.noise wrote:

20D + 50/1.4:

SD10 + 50/2.8 EX upsampled to 8mp:

Both shots made at F11, 1/200, ISO100.
20D shot saved from C1Pro, low noise reduction, no sharpening.
I saved SD10 shot double-size from SPP, then resized to 8mp in
ACDSee. I also tried saving same size then bicubic upsample in PS,
but got absolutely identical result.

Originals saved as 100% JPG:

; (20D; 8.7 mb)

; (SD10; 8.17 mb)

RAW files:
http://zdg.ru/tmp/200502/IMG_0802.CR2 (20D; 8.4 mb)
http://zdg.ru/tmp/200502/IMG07695.X3F (SD10; 8.04 mb)

Probably the SD10 shot could be upsampled better with less
aliasing. I was thinking about pulling sharpness setting back to
-1.0 before upsampling. You can try raw files yourselves.

About color: I didn't do any precise color management as my goal
was to compare details. 20D was shot on Auto WB and it got white
sheet right. So I assumed there is no need for further processing.
SD10 on Auto WB produced bluish white sheet, so I switched to
Custom WB.

And for what we have: 20D shot is mostly wrong except white sheet.
Striped cloth on the left is pinkish, should be more yellow like on
SD10 shot (spot on!), the toy dog is pinkish too (SD10 spot on),
blues are lighter than needed. Yellow stripe on the magazine cover
is too pale and wrong hue. SD10's one is right, but slightly
oversaturated. The red pepper of SD10 is right but a bit pale,
20D's is well-saturated but too orange. Yellow pepper is good on
both shots. I must note that reference white sheet is white on both


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