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Re: SD10 yellow cast -tip

review histograms.
SPP left the shadows on the wall
and so did the 20D's.

20D to the top left
SD10 to the top right
and what happens when you pull the RGB shadows off the wall on the SD10.

SPPv1 in Auto - the green channel did not follow the dark histogram.
SPP2 in Auro - the Green Channel follows dark histogram.
SPP still does a bad job at the shadows end.

and you still have to push the right Hi-ight hump to the right wall to get a Bright Print.

i think SPP has a ways to go. i would rather have another update on SPP then a new camera come out.
" notice canons RGB bunched histogram. "
its how Canon software works VS, Sigmas software

About color: I didn't do any precise color management as my goal was > to compare details. 20D was shot on Auto WB and it got white sheet > right.

its closer then SD10's Color

So I assumed there is no need for further processing.

se Histogram Shadows RGBs are on wall

SD10 on > Auto WB produced bluish white sheet, so I switched to > Custom WB.

Hey - i agree. SPP didn't find WB. it gave it a bath of yellow pixie dust.

And for what we have: 20D shot is mostly wrong except white sheet. > Striped cloth on the left is pinkish, should be more yellow like on SD10 > shot (spot on!),

examine Histograms

the toy dog is pinkish too (SD10 spot on), blues are > lighter than > needed. Yellow stripe on the magazine cover is too pale > and wrong > hue. SD10's one is right, but slightly oversaturated. The red > pepper of > SD10 is right but a bit pale, 20D's is well-saturated but too > orange. > Yellow pepper is good on both shots. I must note that > reference > white sheet is white on both shots.

sorry Dr, Noise. ya did a good job on the Sharpeness of lenses. but they do need a touch up.

and this is what i've said about the pictures sigma gives. its got a strong WB cast. and they are DARK prints unless ya pump up the RGBs.

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