[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Re: Impressed and...the (nt) was an error..sorry..

Frits Thomsen wrote:

First of all, congratulations to Dr. Noise for a very well
thought- out comparison. Well done.

One might argue that the Canon had all the advantages ;
It is the native resolution of 20D , while the Sd10 will have to
upsample..with all the risks that presents..
Furthermore the canon lens is undoubtedly much better than the
Well I have allways expected these two cameras to be about equal...

But ...YES YES YES the Sigma clearly beats the sh*t out of the
Despite all the advantages , the 20D proves to be a distant nomber
What a great day this is.!!!!

Frits Thomsen
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Frits Thomsen
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