[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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anohter difference

is the detail in some of the highlights. Look at the specular highlights on the maracca and the drum. Seems like there is more detail in those highlight areas in the SD10 picture.

Greater dynamic range or difference in processing?

dr.noise wrote:

Mike Gerstner wrote:

is the different way the cameras render the Baileys lable.
the curved red area with the Baileys lettering in it seems harsher
in the SD10 picture than in the 20D image.

You should choose another area for looking at differences. The red
curved area on the Bailey's label is reflective surface. I used
flash so there are reflected highlights. Since I needed to correct
for SD10's different crop factor and different height and different
viewfinder coverage, I moved the tripod, so this area is not
identical to 20D and may really be harsher.

Good poiint!

Where I see 20D's advantage is finer threads in the white sheet,
SD10 meets its resolution limit there. However, red "23" near the
statue's face is better with SD10. So I cannot tell the clear
winner. That will depend on subject and other conditions.

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