[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Re: [pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

dr.noise wrote:

20D + 50/1.4:

SD10 + 50/2.8 EX upsampled to 8mp:

Both shots made at F11, 1/200, ISO100.
20D shot saved from C1Pro, low noise reduction, no sharpening.
I saved SD10 shot double-size from SPP, then resized to 8mp in
ACDSee. I also tried saving same size then bicubic upsample in PS,
but got absolutely identical result.

For what is worth, I never use "averaging" algorithm to upsample Foveon generated files, if you do, you ruin the sharp edges available from the Foveon in the sampled pixels and turn out introducing a Bayer-like effect in the picture.

It's much much better to use "fractals" or S-spline Algorithms in my experience. My workflow (simplified with no noise removal) is to output tiff (8 or 16 bit) same size from SPP and THEN upsample (if needed), then save in jpeg (if needed). The results are much cleaner with very little blurring. Certainly comparable to the 20D. For your SD10 samples, I suggest to try output same size from SPP and then use S-Spline algorithm (eg from PhotoZoom) or something similar (Lanczos algorithm can also be an option). You will get results comparable (maybe even better) to the second "improved workflow" 20D sample. Many thanks for the effort!

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