[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Re: never ending dispute

pyatak wrote:

SigmaSD9 wrote:

There is an obvious difference, sorry. That difference is mostly
lenses. If you prefer the yellower tint, fine.

we are not talking about personal preferences. if you look at the
dog and it is yellow then with correct white balance it should be
yellow on the shot. if you got correct colors on the shot than
there is no tint.

A color cast can't be fully WB'd away. But the bigger issue is that there is a significant color difference produced by the lenses, you can try to compare camera color and draw al sorts of conclusions, but with this variable it is futile.

Here is an example of the same scene shot with the SD9 in both cases. On the top is Canon's color balance, on the bottom is Sigma's. Processing is the identical for both. I'd post some 50 comparisions but I have to dig a little first, my Sigma 50 EX hit ebay shortly after getting the 50/1.4.


Which is more accurate? Who cares, the point is that there is a difference.

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