[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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pyatak wrote:

hahaha, you are trying to argue with person who can actually see
this dog (it's not a bear) with his own eyes in exact light
conditions. if you preffer this dog to be pink not yellow it
doesn't mean that sigma lens wrong

You know, even I who have seen the dog, even I could not believe that it is wrong on 20d shot! I had to force myself to look at the real dog several times to be sure that it is not a trick. 20d has some ability to convince you that colors are right. They look OK while you look at the picture. So OK that you couldn't think about them being wrong. But look at the real scene, and the difference can be perfectly seen.

Looking at Sigma shot you are thinking "now that's yellow cast!" but looking at real scene you see the same cast.

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