[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

Started Feb 21, 2005 | Discussions thread
J. Michael Veteran Member • Posts: 4,673
An obvious difference to me...........

is the different way the cameras render the Baileys lable.
the curved red area with the Baileys lettering in it seems harsher
in the SD10 picture than in the 20D image.

Which one is more accurate is not for me to say, but I do find the tonal gradation in the 20D more pleasing.


Pepe-Lepue wrote:

I don't know how you processed the 20D image, but frankly I think
you didn't optimally do it. Since the 20D is part of my workflow on
a daily basis, I will show how I might have processed this shot.
I really appreciate you posting the RAW images.

Here is my comparison of the 20D processed using my workflow (Adobe
ACR) verses the image you posted.
If you can't see the image below due to the incompetence of PBase
lately, then please click the link below;

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