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Re: Yo!!! Hold the horses!!! [IMG]

Pepe-Lepue wrote:

You had to process the images . . . right? Using any RAW converter
is a type of process applied to the data to get the image.

Right. But by "processing" I mean extra steps like sharpening.

There is no doubt that the Bayer needs to have some USM applied to
optimize the image, but when done at (300, .3. 2) the amount of
halo is hardly visible.

But I see it perfectly in your example. You've done really good job improving 20D shot, I cannot argue. But the halos are visible. And SD10 looks soft beside it, but it wasn't sharpened as much and there are no halos. That means SD10 shot can be sharpened further, and you'll see it will no longer be that soft.

BTW, I tried SD10 shot upsampling with minimum initial RAW sharpening setting. That produced much less aliasing, and then I applied sharpening just like you mentioned (300 .3 .2) and got very similar results. Halos, too. And both cameras may have resolution advantage in certain areas.

Most pros don’t pixel-peep like I do (and most here in these forums)

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