[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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SigmaSD9 wrote:

The 20D has a big lens advantage in this test. The 50/1.4 has much
better color balance, no yellow cast (both evident in your pics)

But funny thing is that the yellow cast is real. Colors were THAT yellow in real, rather than Canon's pinkish shades. I double checked them. And the white sheet is white - no cast. Looking at Canon shot you'll never believe its colors are off - until you see the real scene. Interesting thing that ACR fixed the reds - the red pepper is much better in ACR than is SPP.

and is significantly sharper than the 50 EX at all apertures.

Looking at the signs at the bottom of blue Tesla box, I cannot imagine any lens can be any sharper since they are already beyond the sensor's resolution limit. There are plenty of single-pixel details in other areas.

I can offer you a 50/1.4 loaner for Sigma SA, but I don't know how
well, quickly, or even if it would make the trip.

Thanks alot, but no. It would be very long and dangerous trip for a lens. I'll better find someone with 50/1.4 in Moscow (And I probably know who

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