[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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The 20D has a big lens advantage in this test. The 50/1.4 has much better color balance, no yellow cast (both evident in your pics) and is significantly sharper than the 50 EX at all apertures.

An f/11 comparision was a good choice, but if you do nothing but compare X3F file sizes at the aperture, the 50/1.4 might produce about a half a MB larger X3F than the 50 EX file, all things equal. That is about the closest they get.

I can offer you a 50/1.4 loaner for Sigma SA, but I don't know how well, quickly, or even if it would make the trip.

dr.noise wrote:

20D + 50/1.4:

SD10 + 50/2.8 EX upsampled to 8mp:

Both shots made at F11, 1/200, ISO100.
20D shot saved from C1Pro, low noise reduction, no sharpening.
I saved SD10 shot double-size from SPP, then resized to 8mp in
ACDSee. I also tried saving same size then bicubic upsample in PS,
but got absolutely identical result.

Neither is adaptive like the 20D's upscaling routine.

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