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Re: Yo!!! Hold the horses!!! [IMG]

thanks Pepe. I would give up on that sigma lens too if that is the best it can do. It's bad. I can hardly believe Sigma is saying its ok. I could see the "chip" was a reflection in the sigma image but it sure looks like a "chip" in your image but overall you make the canon look quite good.



Pepe-Lepue wrote:
You bet I'll show you my process.
This is my second Sigma lens (the first one was a dud). This second
lens I sent back to Sigma for calibration (I felt it was too soft).
Sigma sent it back to me saying it was performing “optimal” and
needed no calibration. I’ve done many lens test between my 24-70L
and the Sigma version with the same results. Keep in mind my 24-70L
is a stellar copy. I am sending the Sigma in again one more time
before I give up on the lens.

About the “chip” below the one on the watch. It is in the RAW data
one each color channel. I am sure it is some type of reflection in
the foreground (something was moved from shot to shot?). I’ve never
seen any artifacts from ACR or the 20D in my experience.

My workflow is very simple. I process using ACR without any
sharpening in 16-bit mode. I tweak curves to my liking and
sometimes apply a little high-pass filter layered via hard-light
(didn’t apply to this sample). I then sharpen using conservative
settings (300, .4, 2) because the bayer requires this. Finally I
convert the image to 8-bit and save.

Here is the belt buckle you requested. Click the link bellow if the
PBase image doesn’t show.

docmaas wrote:

Yo Pepe! How about a detailing what you did. On another note the
prior picture from the sigma 24-70 looks like someone jolted your
lens when you took the picture. The whole thing is blurry.

Can you go back and extract the same details extracted earlier of
the belt buckle to compare as well.

And what is that "chip" just below the 1 on the bezel of the watch?
How much sharpening do you have to do to get that effect?

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