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Re: Yo!!! Hold the horses!!! [IMG]

You had to process the images . . . right? Using any RAW converter is a type of process applied to the data to get the image.

There is no doubt that the Bayer needs to have some USM applied to optimize the image, but when done at (300, .3. 2) the amount of halo is hardly visible. In fact, our astro imaging devices (which ALL color sensors use the Bayer (or some five sensor design) apply a type of USM similar to the formula I just described since the halo effect is nominal.

I was actually considering the SD10 (along with the Olympus) not long ago to replace my Canon gear when I felt that Canon QC wasn’t up to standards. I proficiently used the SD10 for two days, but couldn’t make it work for my needs. The Olympus came very close however. My favorite competitor was the Nikon D70 . . . that camera ROCKED for the price!!!

While very pleased with the SD10 images, I wasn’t all pleased with the Sigma system. Also the SD10 shadow detail lacked, but maybe it was my processing technique. I could squeeze so much more shadow detail out of the 20D. The SD10 just wasn’t for me. Image quality alone doesn’t make the whole camera system for me. . . and at that the 20D and SD10 have their tradeoffs in image quality (the differences are too nominal to make an issue of). I needed something comparable to the Canon system as a whole. So far Nikon is the only unified system that can compete with Canon in offering such a complete camera system. I ended up buying the D70 as a second body.

In the end Canon came through for me and fixed my issues and I can continue shooting with my lens investment.

I don't mean to sound like I'm bashing the SD10. I'm just sharing my experiences with it in a very honest manner. I've had my bad issues with Canon as well and have loudly voiced my concerns.

Sigma can’t sell on the Foveon alone. While great technology, it has to be employed in a much more comprehensive system if it is to see the light of tomorrow. Most of the pros accept the Bayer system because it gives them exactly what they need in a comprehensive system that delivers for them consistently. Most pros don’t pixel-peep like I do (and most here in these forums.

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