[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Re: Yo!!! Hold the horses!!! [IMG]

Pepe-Lepue wrote:

In the end I do like the 20D image better. I actually liked the
Sigma image better before you processed it further.

The processed Sigma image is somewhat oversharpened and has JPEG compression artefacts (was it a re-save?).

When comparing images, we should keep equal sharpening level. Sharpening is what makes image totally different to the eye while not actually adding any details. In both cases (yours and ghoerdt's) we see either 20d or sd10 sharpened way more than other.

For me both cameras seem to produce very similar results, similar to the point where I couldn't care; SD10 shows some aliasing which I hope can be reduced by proper handling, and 20D tends to have sharpening halos if you try to make it sharper.

The big-size prints are different thing and are yet to be seen.

One thing I noticed just now is that the 20D has much better shadow
detail than the Sigma.

I didn't notice it. Where?

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