Wow Daniella.. now I'm a believer...

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digicam123 Junior Member • Posts: 38

i am u and u are me and vipin is not a moron bwhahahahahahah!!!!!!!

Daniella wrote:
you shoudl just ignore them like I do since you are me

Daniella wrote:
I think they think you are me...

digicam123 wrote:
going after her? your some kind of stalker?

vipin mayer wrote:

dpreviewer wrote:
She has been doing the same stuff for a long time and I try to skip
her posts when ever I notice her name. Best thing to do is to
ignore her when ever possible, even though it's tempting to want to
help those who are so easily manipulated. She spends her life here
in these forums and she wants to feel important. Let her do what
ever she wants. It's Phil's website, not ours. Phil banned her with
various aliases she used in the past and it didn't stop her. Phil
gave in to her persistence long ago.

brokenz wrote:

I have no problem with Canon, Daniella, or this thread in general
but I wanted to clear up one misconception. I have personally gone
after in the D70 forum before. Why? Because she came in and started
running her Canon propaganda in a thread in the D70 forum, got the
whole thing off topic, and then admitted she was doing so to get
back at a user that had come into her forum and made her mad. That
is trolling. Plain and simple. I haven't seen her do it since then
(since I make it a point to ignore the majority of what she posts
there) but have made it quite clear that if she continues to do
things like that in the future that I will write the forum admins
about it until the get tired of hearing from me and ban one or the
other of us. Anyone that goes into another forum with the express
intent of causing trouble is trolling per the rules. I don't care
who they are. As I have stated, I haven't seen her do it since then
and hope she will refrain from doing so in the future. It's not the
kind of behaviour that is becoming someone that is respected as a
photographer by so many here.

Now some of you might think this post is trolling. I'm not posting
in this thread to cause problems. I just wanted to clear up a
misconception some of you have as to why Daniella is disliked by
some of us in that forum so much. If you believe I am trolling then
report this post to the forum admin.

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Please do not start new thread for private message to me but send
them to me via email instead! thanks.

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