focus-test with 17-85 and 50mm/f1.8 // front-focus?

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focus-test with 17-85 and 50mm/f1.8 // front-focus?

Again a focus test, as I have my 20D now since a few days and I want to know if everything is ok with it. As the tag on the 20D was missing and the packing of the lense looked used, it could be that it has already been used by another customer who brought it back. Don't know.

I have done 3 different tests:

  • Test chart from Tim Jackson (focus on "Focus here" line)

  • Bottles (focus to the bottle in the middle, in circle above "natriumarm")

  • Flower (focus to the biggest single leaf on the left side)

In my opinion, there is a very slight front-focus on the 17-85 lense.
And there is even a bigger front-focus on the 50mm/f1.8 lense.
Please check the sharpness of the text below "natriumarm" in bottles test.

What do you think? This text is much sharper on the bottles to the left and to the right, which were placed more in the front.

All is being done with Parameter2 settings (settings as default in "0").
Are the pictures ok so far?

Thinking about sending in the 50mm/f1.8 to Canon for recalibrating.

When I get it back, I will check it again on my 20D. If it is ok then, everything is ok. If it is nok, than probably I have to send in my 20D and 17-85 kit lense for recalibrating.

Mayxbe I will also buy the new Sigma 30mm/f1.4 as soon as it is available for doing tests with a third lense.

What do you think? What would you do? Thank you in advance.

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