File renaming utility for LONG Filenames

Started Feb 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
OP Georgi Veteran Member • Posts: 7,638
I did a few tests

I just did a few tests.

I made a few filenames in word and I counted them with word count including the spaces.

I made a 100, a 150, 200, 250 and 255 character file.

I made five new files in the Root directory and gave them the different filenames.

All worked fine up to 255. I then tried to copy them into the different directories.

The longest wouldn't make it (Windows wouldn't let me, it was too long) so I kept copying files until it told me I couldn't.

From what I could see when copying, it IS the total path (255)

So, now to find something that will change them all. Going to try to download some of these renaming proggies.

Thanks again guys and if you have other ideas, software or solutions, please let me know.


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