File renaming utility for LONG Filenames

Started Feb 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
OP Georgi Veteran Member • Posts: 7,638

The "The Rename" proggy sounds like something that might work for me (off to try to find it...) and the ? option sounds interesting.

Actually, I just tried it out while typing this. It works fine but is of course not as elegant as a program doing this for you and letting you change the names.

What I really need though is a backup/burn program where I can just drag and drop the files and THEN it tells me they're too long or they're not and let's me change them.

The reason being; I don't know how long the filenames can be? Is there a different requirement for different burn/backup programs or is it windows?

Is it 255 characters TOTAL including the directories? Ie, is it 255 PATH length or filename?



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